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About NL Yacht registration

About Yacht Registration Holland

Dutch Yacht registration

We have held the number one position as a leader in Dutch registration of motor and Sailing yachts, under the Dutch flag for many years.

Since we are quick and efficient, we are able to maintain the registration charge of both our product quite low and, in the majority of circumstance, the whole registration process can be done in only a few days or at most in two weeks!

Unmatchable is our registration process under the Dutch flag for boat owners who are not EU residents. Learn more about this registration process on our website. You can make arrangements for the “simple” registration process here online immediately!

We can be reached 7 days a week, every days of the year!

Yacht Registration under the Dutch flag As the market leader for yacht registration under the Dutch flag, we are particularly proud of Dutch yacht registrationthe tricolour flag. We have the necessary experience knowing exactly what needs to be done. We can undertake the entire process of registering your yacht and providing it with a Dutch passport. Why is it significant to have your yacht registered under the Dutch emblem? Below we give you many of the advantages:
  1. 1.     The maritime notoriety of the Netherlands

Going back for many centuries, the Netherlands has been held with lots respect as one of great maritime country. Many nations of the world have high regards of boats having a Dutch emblem which results in little or no issues with customs at ports, in comparison to the flags of other countries. With a Netherlands’ flag, you will not undergo addition checks or face distrust.

  1. 2.     Low charges

As an example, having your yacht registered in Luxembourg, you would have to spend tens of thousands of Euro s on a yearly basis.  A very big bill will be sent to you by mail for management charges each year. By management, it is often only meant simply providing a high invoice annually. Yacht Registration Holland charges are very competitive lower than those fees

  1. 3.     Stress-free insurance

Yacht owners can have their boats registered under the Netherlands flag without any problem. The example below shows that this process in not usually straight forward in other places A ship with a registration of the State of Delaware in the United State is under the American jurisdiction. According to US law, boat owners having their registration have a liability risk. As such, it becomes increasingly hard for insurers in Delaware to provide favourable conditions for ship registering there.

  1. 4.     Taxation in the Netherlands
Taxation in the Netherlands in very favourable; you will also obtain favourable taxation even if your boat is used as a charter The responsibility of Yacht Registration Holland As a yacht broker, Yacht Registration can take care of the Dutch registration process for any leisure ship worldwide.  Yacht Registration has at its disposal qualified staff like accountants and lawyers who can follow the whole procedure very closely. We have been collaborating with professionals for many years.

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