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FAQ about NL registrations



Q – Can I make some saving with Taxes and VAT with a flag from the Netherlands?

A – Of course. For instance;As a Russian citizen, you pay a tax and VAT of 41% on your leisure yacht. You can avoid having to pay this 41% by having your yacht moored at a Swedish port and registering in the Netherlands. Therefore, buying a 100,000 euro yacht will make you a saving of 41,000 euro on taxes and VAT.

Q – Is it possible for me to register my yatch under the Dutch flag not being an EU citizen?

A – Of course. We are going to make English LTD on your behalf, we will then register the LTD in the Netherlands (a mandatory process) afterwards, we are going to include your yacht into the LTD and make the necessary application for the Dutch registration on your behalf.  By following this procedure there is no need for you to seek shared ownership with a Dutch citizen which amount to a 50% ownership of your yacht for the registration in Holland to proceed! What you will require is to have an address in the Netherlands which will be provided to you by Holland Yacht Registration!

Q – Will I be the sole owner of the English LTD?

A – Of course. 100% of the companies share will be transferred to you and you will become owner and director of the LTD

Q – Does the LTD requires that a separate company takes care of the tax declarations?

A – No.

Q – Is the main office od registry agent located in the Netherlands?

A – Yes. We are legally based in the Netherlands and have been working closely with the Dutch authorities for a couple of years

Q – Is it possible to obtain a Dutch flag registration for a yacht that is still under construction?

A – Of course. If the yacht already had its engines in place and the HIN code or Build number is noted on the hull, the yacht can be registered in the Netherlands.  The boat can also have an electrical engine

Q – If I have built my yacht myself, can I register it under the Dutch flag?

A – Of course. You will need to provide us with the insurance agreement and you identification and then, we will make all the necessary arrangements.

Q – What makes the Dutch flag on a boat important?

A – The Dutch flag on a ship is highly respected and renowned around the world and also considered as the best registration in the European Union! With a Dutch registration, you will save yourself from many different issues at international ports and with the authorities in many different nations. Holland Yacht Registration also charges you a reduced registration fee that is lower than most countries that also have less renowned flags.

Q – Will I be able to recover my yacht with such a registration if it is stolen?

A – Of course. Since your yacht will be registered at the Netherlands Ministry of Transport and, when it comes to the universal registration, it will also be registered at the Cadastre; the chances are very high for your boat to be identified by the Police. With regards to the universal registration, microdots are also sprayed on the yacht.

Q – Can you explain what microdots are?

A – The method of applying microdots is specific for making your yacht identifiable. It cannot be detected by criminals. When you have your yacht sprayed with microdots, you can seek to obtain a discount of the insurance premium.

Q – Can the Dutch registration be considered like a passport for your boat?

A – Of course.  With a Dutch certification, your yacht is recognized internationally as being the property of the Netherlands; that, of course, when you apply for the universal coverage.

Q – Am I able to deny some authorities or other persons from seeing my yacht with a Dutch flag registration?

 A – Of course. It is possible to give, in a temporary basis or permanently, ownership of the boat to a person or a company. It that circumstance, Holland Yacht Registration will register the boat under that person or company’s name. Your registration in the Netherlands also will not be seen by local authorities on their local databases.

Q – How come the registration charges at Holland Yacht Registration is much lower than other registrations of the same type?

A – For the simple fact that we register many ships on a yearly basis such that we are able to maintain low costs and still provide high efficiency.

Q – Is it required that I register my yacht at the Cadastre also when I apply for the simple registration?

A – No. For the simple registration procedure you do not have to also register your boat at the Cadastre. For such a process, registration in only made at the Netherlands Ministry of Transport. The Universal registration does require having your boat also registered with the Dutch Cadastre

Q – Can I have my yacht moored at any location within the European Union if I follow the simple registration process?

A – Of course. The simple registration is accepted by all EU member countries.

Q – Is it possible to use my yacht outside of the EU with the simple registration certificate?

A – No. To use your boat in international waters you have to apply for the universal registration

Q – Can I use my boat anywhere in the world with the universal registration?

A – Yes. The universal registration can be considered as your international passport and is recognized by all nations around the globe. With this registration you also have an international tonnage certificate.

Q – With a Ducht flag registration; will the home port be indicated on the certificate as being in the Netherlands?

A – Yes. The home port will be noted as Amsterdam.

Q – Why is it necessary to make yearly payments after I have paid for the initial setup charges?

A – The fee that you will pay yearly is for a Netherlands domicile address provided to you by Registry Agent and also to pay other charges to the authorities.


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