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NL Light registration

The “Light” registration

This is the most popular, affordable and simple type of Dutch registration.

With this type of registration, your yacht is registered with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (the former Dutch Ministry of Transport and Public Works) WITHOUT the ship being registered in the Cadastre.
This procedure is a simplified type of registration that is accepted by all EU countries and is even mandatory in some countries.
Usually, the application procedure does not take long and can be completed within 2 weeks, provided all documents are available at the time of application.
If you do not have Dutch nationality or an address in the Netherlands, you can have yourself represented by Yacht Registration. We will then also offer you a domicile, so you can use Yacht Registration’ office address and, in this way, have a (mandatory) Dutch address after all.
To this end, you will have to sign a “Declaration regarding Representative Authority” as well as our “Registration Agreement”, which sets forth all agreements made in a clear manner.

Once we have received the registration document  for your sailing or motor yacht from the Dutch Ministry, we check for you whether all details stated in the document are accurate. If yes, we will forward the document to you by registered post.
You are required by law to renew the document every 2 years. Of course, Yacht Registration will also take care of this for you!
The “Light” ship registration is available for all sailing and motor yachts of a length UP TO 24 metres. Longer yachts require the “Comprehensive” ship registration.
NL yacht flag

Required documents:

Personal ownership
  • Application signed - we send for fulfillment
  • Bill of Sale / old registration
  • Passport of the owner
Corporate ownership
  • Application signed - we send for fulfillment
  • Bill of Sale / old registration
  • Company formation Certificate with director
  • Passport of the director


Yacht Registration offers you the “Light” Dutch registration for all leisure craft, irrespective of a vessel’s value or age,
for only 350.00 euro.
Moreover, the additional annual costs for the “Light” registration are the lowest across Europe, amounting to only 190.00 euro annually, but inclusive of both the required Dutch domicile at Yacht Registration NL address as well as the required two-yearly renewal of the certificate of registry.
For the first year, the costs of the initial application are inclusive of the costs of the domicile at Yacht Registration’ address.
The EU Light Registration is from now on also available for yachts which are in possession of NON EU yacht owners.

NL Light registration sample

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