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NL Worldwide registration

Worldwide registration


NL Dutch registrationThis registration process also applies for yacht owners without legal residence in the European Union and/or who uses their yacht outside of the sailing boundaries of the EU

We provide you with an “all-inclusive” registration solution from the Netherlands that is unparalleled throughout the world.

Our “all-inclusive” Netherlands registration for your motor or sailing boat includes:

The inclusion of an LTD which you are provided full ownership and become the managing director of ( the LTD makes it not necessary to file any tax returns or keep any records)

-        Your legal address for the LTD is in the Netherlands
-        your yacht information is included in your LTD
-        you acquire an International Dutch registration for your boat
-        compliance with Dutch registration by listing in the cadastre
-        the obtention of the  Netherlands’s certificate (“zeebrief”)
-        the obtention of a Dutch tonnage registration (“meetbrief”) for yacht that are 24 meters long or less ( yacht that are longer than 24 meter, a tonnage registration must be submitted by you personally)
-        the obtention of an international Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI)number
-       the application on your boat of invisible microdots – if your yacht is stolen, because of the microdots, your boat will be traceable and linked to you anywhere it might be in the world.

Explanation of what microdots are For the protection of your yacht by the best possible method in case of a theft, and to have it returned back to you quickly as the legitimate owner, we place microdots on your motor or sailing yacht!

To understand what microdots are, they are very small microscopic discs that have incorporated within them a specific identification number. By means of a spray can, these discs are applied in the thousands in different parts of your yacht or in parts that have a high likelihood of being stolen.


The application is made along with a clear-dry adhesive. Being heat and water resistant, these microdots can be placed inside as well as in the outboard layers of the yacht. These microdots cannot be seen with the plain eye. The codes can only be read by water police by means of special equipment.

Why are microdots so useful? Removing all microdots that have been applied is impossible. Even changing the unique code is impossible. The identification of a single microdot is sufficient to obtain from the Dutch Cadastre details of the owner whose ship has been stolen. Also, once applied, these microdots are guaranteed to last for at least 20 years. As such, microdots are better for protection than registration marks that can easily be removed or deliberately damaged.


Also, insurance companies provide discounts on the insurance agreement when microdots have been sprayed on a yacht. Once the entire process has been completed, the Ministry of infrastructure and Environment (formerly the Ministry of Transport and Public Works) will provide an international Certificate of Registry (in Dutch “International Zeebrief”).

Also, the registration of the ship is also made at the Cadastre according to the mandatory requirement (in Dutch “registergoed”). The fact that Dutch law does not permit for “non-EU nationals” to make an application for the Dutch Certificate of Registry (“Nederlandse Zeebrief”), Holland Yacht Registration as a fantastic solution that it as been implementing for a great number of non-EU yacht owners. The solution that Holland Yacht Registration as involves:

  1. we provide you with a British LTD of which you become the managing director and owner
  2. the domicile registration of the LTD is that of Holland Yacht Registration.
  3. We enter into a “Transfer Agreement” which registers your yacht into the LTD therefore; the LTD becomes the yacht owner.
  4. We make the necessary registration of your yacht with the Cadastre.
  5. At whatever location in the world your ship maybe moored, it is appraised and hallmarked by a person working with the Cadastre. (If your yacht is docked in the Netherlands, all costs are included. If it is outside of the Netherlands, you will have to pay separately the travel and accommodation costs which the Cadastre will charge.)
  6. The Cadastre will also provide the tonnage certificate (“meetbrief” in Dutch)
  7. Astra Mare will also apply for the Dutch Certificate of Registry (“Zeebrief”) at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.
  8. The owner is given the International Certificate of Registry (“Zeebrief”) after it has been registered at the Cadastre.

For “EU nationals” only parts d., e., f., g., and h. Applies as well as the domicile. NL Dutch registrations 2 The costs Yacht Registration Holland provides the entire original package to “non-EU residents” that incorporates the LTD,the contracts, the residential address, the charges from the Chamber of Commerce, the International Certificate of Registry (“Internationale Zeebrief”),  the civil notary, the Ministry, the Cadastre, the tonnage certificate (“meetbrief”), and the also at a very good cost, the registration.

The responsibility of Yacht Registration As a Yacht Registration  can take care of the Dutch registration process for any leisure ship worldwide. Yacht Registration  has at its disposal qualified staff like accountants and lawyers who can follow the whole procedure very closely. We have been collaborating with professionals for many years.

Costs of Worldwide Yacht Registration

Yacht Registration Holland offers the initial package for the extensive Worldwide Registration package, including contracts, domicile, notary, land registry, Ministry, tonnage certificate, International Certificate of Registry, MMSI Radio License and registration for the excellent price of €1450.
The subsequent costs amount to just €350 a year. This includes the annual radio license tax of €50.

We’ll be happy to offer you a clear, no-obligation quote. Simply fill in the quote form on the following page. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours, if not sooner.
Similar registrations in countries such as Luxembourg and Monaco are often many thousands of Euros more expensive and lack the image and grandeur of the world-famous Dutch flag!

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