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Off-Shore Yacht Charter Pack

Run a Yacht Charter Business From Offshore

Offshore Yacht Charter Company are the ideal structure to hold ownership on a yacht. It allows to easily register yachts and any income received from charter or lease is tax exempt.
We  will help you to handle all formalities on your behalf, from incorporation of the SVG IBC to registration of the yacht,  to contact with charter firms.
Please note the below schedule of fees initial and for exact cost we need to have all informationn about the yacht you would liek to run in your Offshore Yacht Charter Company.
We will be pleased to provide you with a free quotation.

What we offer for you is:  OFF-SHORE YACHT CHARTER PACK, which contains.

  • Formation of yor new  IBC in St. Vincent and the Grenadine
  • Opening of Bank account in St. Vincent and the Grenadine
  • Digipass, for secure internet baking
  • EC/MC debit card
  • Whole  Procedure For Registration of your  Commercial Yachts Up To 500 Gt
  • Yacht  station radio license
Off-shore Yacht charter pack


Expected cost : 2900 usd



  1. The yachts will be owned by  the/a tax free Offshore Company
  2. Your international clients will enter into an agreement with the said Offshore Company 
  3. The nil tax IBC will have a bank account Offshore ideally in a nil tax International Offshore Financial Centre
  4. You will want to set up a merchant account facility for your Company so clients can pay you by card (and also ideally by paypal) as well as by bank wire if/as they may prefer
  5. Funds are ultimately directed to the Offshore Company’s tax free bank account and receipted free of tax in the first instance
  6. Your or your local company will be engaged by the Offshore Company to perform certain functions
  7. The operating expenses can/will be paid from the Offshore account
  8. To cover your local living costs you could draw down regular instalments as wages (or consulting fees) and/or you could access funds using the Offshore Company’s EC/MC 
  9. If you want to make substantial purchases onshore eg to buy a car or a piece of realty or shares/investments your tax free IBC could buy these or your existing IBC could form a subsidiary IBC to buy these
  10. The remainder of your profits could be held and/or invested offshore potentially tax free


Off-shore Charter Pack

Off-shore Yacht charter Pack

Company Formation

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UK LTD Company Formation
SVG IBC Company Formation


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