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USA registrations


Registering your yacht or boat in the State of Delaware is quick and simple. 

For a flat fee we will file the appropriate paperwork. State of Delaware is one of the most convenient places on the market to register your valuable yacht. Prestigious American banner at reasonable cost is the main reason why the greatest numbers of yachts in the world are registered here. All paperwork may be completed in about 2 weeks or less than 10 days if courier service is used. Please note that all yacht registration is valid for calendar year - till 31st December.
You may choose to Incorporate in Delaware and have your boat registered as a business or you may register the boat in your own name.

 Privately owned yacht:

Although cheaper it means that your name shines in the register. Anybody could see that you own the certain yacht and delivers you to the full liability. This is the main reason why majority of Delaware yachts are corporate owned.

Corporate owned yacht:

If you decide to form a Delaware corporation to own property like yacht, aircraft or real estate there can be tax advantages and you can limit your personal liability. Incorporation can give your business credibility, prestige and substance. 

A corporation has certain tax advantages; the owners and directors can be protected from personal liability; and the business can raise capital through the sale of shares of stock. Only One officer or Director is needed in Delaware, but many jurisdictions have stricter guidelines, forcing you to name other directors and officers to get established.
Either way we can accommodate you.


Cost of boat registration under Delaware (USA) flag covers:State registration fee, processing fee, fed. documentation and normal post cost in :

1 year
3 years
$ 110 € 165 $ 180
$ 140 € 205 $ 220
$ 180 € 355 $ 380
$ 220 € 410 $ 440
$ 260 € 460 $ 490
  • First registration add cost is € 46 / $50
  • Boat registration transfer from previous to a new owner is € 135 / $150
  • Deletion of a boat from Delaware register €125 / $135
  • FedEx delivery (depend from destination) min € 65 / $70 -optional
  • Verification letter  € 55 / $60 - optional
  • Expedited service € 55 / $60 - optional


  Documents needed to register a vessel in Delaware:

  1. Fulfilled Application form
  2. if the boat is new, a builder's certificate and invoice
  3. if the boat is used, a notarised bill of sale
  4. if the boat was registered outside the Delaware we need a deletion from boat register
  5. if you have to renewal your boat registration under Delaware flag you have to send us a copy of old Delaware Registration Card
  6. ID document - passport

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